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  • Work on a contract basis so you only pay me when you need me.
• Provide peace of mind by turning financial chaos into financial order.
• Free up your time for your business while I tend to the financial details.
• Care about Wyoming businesses; my family lives here.
• Strong desire to see your business prosper.
• Provide real solutions - reducing your expenses/increasing your cash
  I am Certified Public Accountant and hold a Master of Business Administration from the University of Wyoming. I know the financial information top management needs, both as a user and as a provider of this information. I will put my twenty years of accounting experience, including eight years as the Chief Financial Officer for Neiman Enterprises, a large manufacturing business, and two years as the General Manager of the McMurry Training Center to work for you. I have a deep commitment to customer service and guarantee you will be satisfied with my performance or I will return my fees no questions asked.  

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